Sometimes Facebook Ads Can Feel Like Gambling, Discover The Secret To Making Facebook Ads Work for Your Business

Dion Herveille
October 10, 2020

Sometimes Facebook ads feels like gambling, but it doesn't have to be. Did you know that the attention of a goldfish is nine seconds? Ours is shorter -- we only have an attention span of eight seconds. So, when it comes to catching the eye of a potential customer, you got to be quick, engaging and to the point. This is where Facebook ads come in. The channel is ideal for businesses looking to quickly influence the right demographic. What I have learned is they all have one common struggle: the lack of consistency in generating quality leads for their business. For those also facing that challenge, here are the steps to quickly make Facebook ads work for your business:

Do Your Research.

You need to figure out pain points of your ideal customer. What do they need? What are their wants? A lot of business owners just assume pain points but don’t search for actual data or insights to prove their assumptions. Don’t do that. Rather, by researching your customers’ market desires, along with their fears and concerns, you can create a persona and craft copy in a way that will generate responses from each ad you run.

Get Creative.

People are going to miss your ad if the creative is boring, basic, or doesn't stand out. It needs to stand out and make Facebook visitors stop the scroll and take action.

Keep in mind, whatever type of ad you create, the creative style needs to be uniform for the brand – from marketing copy to the website to your emails.

It's All About The Headline.

You basically have less than three seconds to engage someone and make them decide to read the rest of your copy. To do so, you need a powerful headline. It should be addressing your ideal customer and calling out their largest pain point. Use the law of polarity to repel everyone who isn't part of your target market and attract those who will resonate with the message and want to know more about what you are offering. One of my favorite ways to make an impact in a headline is to pose a question the majority of your target customer will answer the same way. It comes to no surprise here that when writing the ad 90% of the time should be spend on writing the headline.

Have Enticing Ad Copy.

Ad copy can be broken down to three points: pain, solution and offer. Understand what the pain point is, entice with a solution and include an offer. Also, it's important to keep in mind that in today’s age, mobile traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic. So, you need to keep your ad copy concise and to the point (and images, too!) so it captures the attention first are foremost.

The Irresistible Offer Needs To Be There.

As mentioned above, your ad should have an offer, one that is so enticing the customer can’t pass it up. Here are a few examples:

  • Offer a discount
  • Give a bonus or premium
  • Bundle goods together
  • Reverse the risk (e.g. 100 percent money-back guarantee)
  • Add a sense of urgency

Keep It Simple.

When we are looking at our Facebook feed, we don’t want jargon, complicated words or long-winded explanations. The best ads are written at a fourth-grade level – meaning people don’t have to think when reading it.


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